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Issues like absenteeism, poor performance, inappropriate conduct, disciplinaries and grievances take up huge amounts of time and when they are not managed according to best practice can result in an employee taking a claim to the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC). 

When a claim is being assessed, the Adjudication Officer will look for the policy and procedure relevant to the case and also for the evidence that the employer followed these procedures.

Often it is not the decision the employer made that determines the outcome of the case but how they arrived at that decision. 

In a case with clear evidence that an employee removed merchandise from their employer’s warehouse without permission, the WRC found in favour of the employee and awarded them compensation to be paid by their employer. 

What happened?

The employer dismissed the employee on the basis of the evidence without going through the correct procedure. The employee brought a claim of unfair dismissal to the WRC who acknowledged that what the employee did was gross misconduct yet their actions alone were not enough to justify dismissal without following procedure, in this case a formal disciplinary and appeals procedure. 

This is how easy it is for employers to find themselves paying compensation that in some cases could mean the end of their business. 

By having a HR expert to guide you through these sensitive and challenging issues you can be confident that all of your options will be explained and explored and your risk of a claim will be significantly reduced. 

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“I engaged Clodagh earlier this year to support me with HR activities and the difference it has made is unreal. It relieved the burden especially when I was recruiting for new staff, I wish I did it years ago. Clodagh is super, very approachable and feedback from staff has been great too.”

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"I have engaged with Clodagh from AdvanceHR since early 2020 and I can highly recommend Clodagh's excellent HR services to any business. As a small company, it makes perfect sense outsourcing our HR requirements to a professional with the expertise that Clodagh brings to ensure our HR is current and to avail of her sound advice to make good hiring decisions. Her manner is professional and she possesses the special skill that is so important, she listens carefully."