"Engaging with me will give you more time to focus on growing your business, developing your people and serving your customers secure in the knowledge that you are in the right HR hands."

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Law Compliance

AdvanceHR will review your employment documentation and assess your HR compliance risk to ensure you are meeting WRC (Workplace Relations Commissioner) compliance standards.


Outsource Issues, Reduce Risk

AdvanceHR will save you time and money by managing the difficult issues that arise time and again leaving you to focus on growing your business, developing your people and serving your customers.


Employee Life Cycle Management

AdvanceHR will help you with all stages of the Employee Life Cycle, from the first contact to the last, all while ensuring it is a positive experience for you and for your people.


Learn More About Clodagh & What She Can Do For Your Business

Hello, I'm Clodagh O'Donovan

You may hear of people falling into their area of expertise and that is what happened to me. A chance opportunity in my first full time job led me to HR and I never looked back!

Over the next 20 years I completed my degree in HR Management and gained exposure to all areas of HR by successfully pursuing challenging roles within the corporate world.

I created AdvanceHR to support owners of small businesses with their HR compliance and other HR activities. My clients do not need a full time HR professional, however, they do need someone that they can trust who can give them expert advice. Hiring the right talent, managing redundancies and addressing poor performance are time-consuming projects that require the right expertise from the outset.

I partner with my clients to understand their business and their people so that I can set them up for success and help them to avoid the problems that cost them time and money. By supporting them in this way, my clients have more time to focus on developing their business and customer engagement.

What I do!

  • Help to nip issues in the bud before they become a problem and keep them off your To-Do list, for example, if someone is not doing their job well.
  • If something has already escalated I will steer you in the right direction to help you resolve the issue with the least amount of conflict.
  • Provide impartiality when dealing with sensitive staff issues, for example, when an employee makes a complaint against another employee.
  • Guide you when it comes to complex employment law and help you make sense of your obligations to your people.
  • Support you when you must make people redundant, for example, restructuring due to COVID and managing the impact that has on your team and business.

What does this do for you?

  • This frees up your valuable time and gives you confidence that you are handling matters correctly.
  • It reduces cost for your business, whether this is minimizing unnecessary claims, helping you make the right hiring decisions or protecting you from drawn out and expensive processes.
  • It gives you peace of mind by having someone impartial manage the more difficult issues that come up time and time again.

  • To put it simply, you have an expert to turn to when things go wrong.

Why Me?

  • I have worked as a HR professional for over 20 years in companies of all sizes from multinationals to SMEs to micro businesses and across different industries.
  • I listen to what my clients are saying and more intently to what they do not say.
  • I care about the businesses I partner with and I am passionate about setting them up to successfully manage their people in a way that makes sense and meets best practice guidelines.

"As a small business owner, HR policies can be a daunting task without a HR department to work with. Clodagh was the right professional for us. She listened and helped us implement all our HR policies. She has eased us from an extensive burden and helped with contracts to hiring and beyond."

Local Business Owner

"Clodagh was recommended to me by a work colleague when I was looking for assistance preparing for an interview. Clodagh took me through the process step by step and put a lot of effort into finding out exactly what the job entailed so she could target key areas. I found her reliable, conscientious, friendly and thorough. It made the whole experience easier and made me more confident on the day of the interview."

Health Service Executive