HR Compliance Risk

HR Compliance Risk

Evolving Employment Legislation

While not the most exciting topic, employment legislation is an evolving landscape and it is difficult to keep up to speed on changes such as family leave statutory entitlements and new codes of practice. For example, Parent’s Leave was introduced for employees and the self-employed in 2019 and will be increased over the next couple of years.

Contracts, Policies and Procedures

To help you manage your HR compliance risk, AdvanceHR will review and refresh your employment documentation including contracts of employment, HR policies and HR procedures to ensure they are current and fit for purpose. What is in place will be assessed against your legal obligations and recommendations made to address gaps.

Building A Team

If you are transitioning from being a solopreneur to creating a team of staff, AdvanceHR will provide you with what you need to be compliant with employment legislation and ensure that you and your team are set up for success from day one.

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