Employee Life Cycle Management

Employee Life Cycle Management

Recruitment to Final Parting Ways

The employee life cycle starts from when you first make contact with your employee (usually through the recruitment process) and ends when you and your employee part ways. AdvanceHR will support you through each of these stages ensuring you and your employee has a positive experience.

Focus on Your Business not HR Management

The HR activities that businesses spend time on throughout the employee life cycle include interviewing, onboarding, general performance management, staff engagement, staff development and retention. The list goes on and on and often activities like these can get moved to the bottom of the list. AdvanceHR will help you manage these tasks while you focus on business development and customer engagement.

Templates, Processes and Frameworks

Templates, simple processes and adaptable frameworks will save you time, reduce your risk of employee claims and help you avoid expensive payouts. Everything can be customised for your business and to fit the culture you have created. AdvanceHR will guide you on how to implement these supports to set you and your people up to succeed.

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