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There is a significant burden on micro and small businesses when it comes to HR compliance and general HR activities and they can spend valuable time managing this when they should be focusing on developing their business.

The solutions AdvanceHR offers helps businesses save time and money while being assured they are following best practice, they are managing their HR compliance risk and they have simple frameworks to make managing their people easier and in a less time consuming way.

The end result for small businesses is that they have more time to grow their business, develop their staff and serve their customers.

How AdvanceHR Supports SMEs

  • Identifying and nipping issues in the bud before they become a problem for your business including close monitoring of performance during probation, resolving complaints quickly, etc.
  • If something has escalated, steering you in the right direction to help you resolve the matter.
  • Provide impartiality when dealing with sensitive staff issues including when an employee makes a complaint against another employee. This is particularly relevant for family businesses.
  • Advise you on complex employment law and help you make sense of your legal obligations to your staff.
  • Support you when you must make people redundant, for example, restructuring due to COVID and managing the impact that has on your staff.

Results For Your Business

  • Freeing up your valuable time and giving you confidence that you are handling matters correctly.
  • Reducing cost for your business by minimizing unnecessary claims, helping you hire the right people and protecting you from drawn out, expensive processes.
  • Giving you peace of mind by having someone impartial manage the difficult issues that come up time and time again.
  • Having a trusted HR Partner to turn to when things go wrong.

Why AdvanceHR

  • A HR professional with over 20 years experience working with companies of all sizes from multinationals to SMEs to micro businesses and across different industries.
  • I listen to what my clients are saying and more intently to what they do not say.
  • I care about the businesses I partner with and I am passionate about setting them up to successfully manage their people in a way that makes sense and meets best practice guidelines.
  • You will know all your options and the levels of risk to help you make informed decisions.

My HR Journey & the Founding of AdvanceHR

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Happy Birthday to AdvanceHR! AdvanceHR was created shortly before a global pandemic and it was hard to imagine where it would go. Fast forward two years and I am proud to say it has survived and thrived! Throughout the last year I have completed many assignments, worked with clients from all sectors and have continued to raise my profile.

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"For employers, know that returning to work is difficult for employees who have been away from the office. Their confidence will need rebuilding and they will be anxious about leaving their child(ren). Talk to your people, acknowledge their challenges and offer support. Be transparent and consistent with decisions around flexible working arrangements."

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Echo Feature: My Weekend

"After working in different HR roles for 20 years, I set up my business, AdvanceHR to support owners of small businesses who do not need a full-time HR person, but who do need an expert they can trust to help them manage HR compliance risk and deal with the staff issues that come up time and time again."

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Clodagh on the 96fm Opinion Line discussing how the recent rise in case numbers may affect your business

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Irish Examiner Feature on Returning to the Office

"Clodagh O’Donovan of AdvanceHR said that the issue around vaccines and what information should be disclosed and should be protected is a legal grey area." "Obviously there is a duty of care that each employer has to their employee, however, there is also GDPR to take into consideration which prevents the sharing of personal data without consent. How these type of situations should be managed requires clarification and at the moment it is up to each employer to decide what they will do...."

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Echo Feature: Cork Business Women Navigating the Pandemic

"Particularly in family businesses, where there might not be many employees, Clodagh explained that her services can make a big difference. “Someone might be a CEO, Managing Director, they are wearing all of these different hats and then the HR kind of creeps in. That’s OK for the smaller issues, but not for complex or sensitive situations,” Clodagh explained....."

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My Rollercoaster Journey

"My lovely Dad passed away on 2nd February 2020 and AdvanceHR came into being on 3rd February 2020. In my mind and heart, the two are forever entwined..."

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